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We make hats: old school inspired, modern-minded hats that are meant to be worn. 

From start to finish, our hats are handled with tremendous care. Using the best materials available, we steam, block, stretch, iron. sew, and shape our hats by hand. There is no automation. There is no outsourcing.

We don't believe you're, "not a hat person".





custom / bespoke

We'll work with you to design an original, T.R.S. Hat. All of our hats are 100% unique and made to order.  Styles are never duplicated. Choose every detail or have us choose for you.


Hats [should] get dirty and we hope it does. Our hats especially, are meant to be worn and worn IN. While we here at T.R.S Hat Company tend to let our's get dirtier and dirtier, it's never a bad thing to freshen it up every once in a while. Send in your hat and and we'll get it looking like new again.


Don't know anything about hats except that you want one? Don't even know if you want one? Reach out anyway. We're happy to answer any questions you may have. We know buying a hat is a big deal. We're here to make sure that you walk away not just with a beautiful hat, but with some knowledge and understanding about how it was made.


If you purchased a hat from us, you're covered for life. Free of charge. If you have another hat that needs some TLC, send it in and we'll get 'er back in shape and back on your head for a small price.


Whether it's an everyday thing or something you want to add to your hat here-and-there, we can do custom updates and modifications to your hat. Anything from custom headbands to shaping, to linings, even custom body work. We can even add that extra long wild pheasant feather your you've been contemplating.







XXX | beaver

The best material for hat making. It possesses all of the qualities that you want in a hat. Like other felts, it is naturally water repellent, it's naturally strong, it's naturally breathable. But what sets beaver apart is its softness, its finish, its nap, its durability, and its overall lifespan.


XX | Beaver blend

Because this hat is the best of both worlds, you can't really go wrong. Part beaver, part rabbit, this hat has almost all the qualities of a full beaver at a solid price point. 




X | rabbit

Rabbit fur felt isn't beaver, but it certainly tries to be. If you're looking to dip your toes into the world of quality hats, rabbit ain't too shabby-a-way to go.


| Other services

This includes repairs, cleaning, recreations, accessories, and consultations. Each hat and individual project is different, so prices vary. Please reach out to discuss







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